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  1. G’Day Rena,

    I really enjoy your work.. You are a remarkable talent. Like most – I discovered your acting in “Once Were Warriors” along with Temuera. Now i am an Aussie stuck on NZ movies and their powerful performances.

    Best wishes for continuing success.

    Cheers Mark

  2. Hello,
    I loved your performance in Once Were Warriors-that movie rules and so do you! Going to check your other work out,but just had to see your website first. Could I get an autographed pic,please?
    Thank you,
    keep up the good work!

  3. KiA ORA Rena I’ve never spoken to you before, I was sort of a friend to Olivia back in in the late 90’s,so very sorry about her death.I’d like to say much love and happiness in your career and luck!!,oh I’m also of ngati Hine ancestry just recently I was in Dargaville visting an aunty in tekopuru and she mentioned that Olivia dead of cancer, I was stunned!,I also lost an uncle to that blasted illness, and I went to Bay of islands college back then 1997..well thanks for your time kia kaha cousin..

  4. Rena, miss you much hope you get this message. Sounds like you are extremely busy and as always doing a great job as witnessed by your multiple awards. Remember me from Dallas scifi1

  5. hi rena !!! i don’t know if you remember me ! i’m paul, the french guy ! i use to work at the raw prawn in cairns with jb !! and we’ve been talking together for few minutes and it was a pleasure for me to see an actress that i appreciate a lot ! i wish you an happy new year and all the best ! and hope i’ll see you in france some day !! x

  6. Aloha Rena,
    I hope you are well!
    I am currently a lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington of Scenography in the Theatre Programme. It would be fantastic if we could reconnect as I am co-writing an article with my colleague David O’Donnell on sustainable scenography in the Pacific and I want to include your creative set design work that you developed while filming the fish eating scene for warrior women. It would be great if you could answer some questions. I would also like us to talk about the possibility of you giving some guest lectures with in our programme in the future. Mahalo Jim Davenport

  7. After re-discovering Once Were Warriors and just having seen it’s follow-up What Becomes of the Broken Hearted, I watched an interview with yourself on Youtube.

    Your project to get the film Behind the Tattoed Face looks an admirable venture, and I very much hope it is realised.

    Meanwhile, I will search out the book – all the best from the UK !

  8. Just wanted to say ‘Hello’ from the Smith Family. Hope all is well, recovered from winning the World Cup?????grrrr
    Love from our family & blessings…

  9. I think your performance in Once Were Warriors was one of the most overlooked in movie history. You deserved the Oscar (not the nomination). A truely remarkable, gut-wrentching film about a culture not many know about, but your performance could draw anyone to completelty relate to the Maori experience.