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  1. Hi Rena,Been a long time eh ? and i have only just found “your guestbook”, hope you ok and things are going good?.I hope you get back to me as you now have my email info and it would be good to catch up till then luv,luck and laughter XXX

  2. Hi Rena!

    To say that your performance in Once Were Warriors was phenomenal is an understatement.
    The first time I ever saw it I remember clearly where I was and when…. about 15 years ago sitting on the floor with my Kiwi boyfriend and his friends.
    I have never ever seen such powerful acting and such powerful movie. I remember I almost broke the tv watching it! I was fuming and so angry…. I cried my heart out from begining til the end. This is every time I watch it!
    Since then I have seen it about 10 times and it is my all time favourite movie…. not because of the nature of it cause it’s such a violent movie also….but because of the most incredible performance I have ever seen. You and Tamuera were so amazing. I forgot it was a movie cause it was so real, the performance spectacular.

    You are truly my favourite actress. Just wow. So raw and real.
    Hollywood actresses are overrated on all levels. You are unique!


  3. Hi Rena
    I hope you are well.
    I was wondering if you have a ‘store’ on your site? I am a huge Star Wars nerd and was wondering if I could get an autograph for my collection please?
    It would be great to hear from you.
    Many thanks

  4. Rena, I have questions to ask of you about the filming of OWW.
    I have choreography and costuming questions, actually.
    Yet, I hate hogging this section, and fear that I might have already done so.

    Is there another way to more privately “talk” to you, possibly? If so, I’d love to continue the conversation there, if that suits you.

    I have a suggestion as to how this might be accomplished: I follow your Twitter page. If you follow me back, then I can PM you in twitter and give you my private email address. Then, if you wish to, you can email me there. I don’t wish to give out my email here.


    ~~ Abbie O.

  5. I just finished watching the complete series The Straits and you were absolutely fantastic in the role of Kitty Montebello. Continue success with your career and all the very best. Thank you!

    • Thank U David Easter! I LOVED playing mama Kitty M! We we all very disappointed when the series was not renewed. Unfortunately, ABC took a budget cut and The Straits was their most expensive show due to been shot on location. Here’s hoping there will be another similar character in my acting future!

  6. Sorry, I have to add one more thing: I keep running into people who have seen ‘Once were Warriors” and who (like me) called it one of their favourite films, the hard-hitting subject matter notwithstanding. Ms. Owen, you really should have won the best actress award at the NZ Film Awards, the programme spoken of in the documentary. That it was denied you, is still a travesty to my mind. And we all could see how hurt you were that you got overlooked in the documentary as well. Heart-breaking, but, at least you got your upset off of your chest, which is good. And, you went on to be honoured around the world and in everyone’s hearts and minds, as well.

    As before,

    ~~ Abbie Ormsby

    • Thank you again Abbie. During my OWW documentary interview, I had not expected Julian to ask about that NZ award loss. That question did take me by surprise and my emotional response to it equally surprised me. But it was honest and real. Although I missed out on the establishment vote, at the time what helped me the most was knowing I had the peoples vote! xoxo