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  1. Hi Rena

    Thank you for simply being an excellent performer. Have enjoyed your performances thus far and will continue to do so in the future.

    thank you & take care

  2. Hi Rena! I am a Hong Kong student studying in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I took a subject studying multiethnic identities and lives. Our lecturer mentioned you as an example. I watched your film Once Were Warriors and I appreciate it very much. I then chose to write about you and your ethnicity. I’d like to know more about you and see more pieces of art from you. Thank you and take care.

  3. Rena you are amazing. Saw once were warriors with my daughter years ago and loved it. I knew I remembered you when I watched the straits..I am so disappointed that its cancelled. I loved all of you on the show. Also didn’t realize you have done lots of movies.Am a huge fan of you. You are beautiful. Hope I can see more of you. Gigi from California.

  4. Dear Rena,
    Thank you for your inspiring performances we enjoyed. This weekend we will watch the Once were warriors movie and sequel with the children to look and discuss one of the many faces of life. I read about your endeavors in life and wish you succeed in all things that you pursue (can imagine you left your mother very proud). All the best. Wim in the Netherlands.

  5. Just seen the ‘Straits’. Electric performance from you. Very very impressive. You have something special. Was in your wonderful country (NZ!) last April.What a place ! So fortunate to be there. Regards. John in Australia. x

  6. Hi Rena, my name is Verna and I’m Evelyn Penneys sister from good old Moerewa. Just want to thank you for the frienship you have shown both her and Bill over the years Bills a crack and is trying to hold on to his youth..poor old bill he has been falling over a wee bit. Well you take care girl your doing a great job with your career choice..every one is yelling at wanting me to tell you to cook some eggs Beth hahah Blessings to you and yours…Verna

  7. Hello Rena
    you played a very powerful role in Once Were Warriors, and I wept when you found your daughter in the movie. I also have a temper, i have learned from your movie. Take much care

  8. Hello Rena.
    I wanted to let you know that I loved you in Once Were Warriors. Honestly one of my favourite films of all times. I re-watched it after I believe I saw you on Disney Channel playing a teacher in those short television programmes of “Undercover Coach”. It was the one with Valerie Adams. But I was wondering if that was you after all? Or maybe I’m just losing my marbles >_<