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  1. Hello, Lady Rena.. I am writing in your guest book to make a request. It is in regards to the DAPL in North Dakota. I am wondering if by chance, you could email me in private. Or if you might be able to say something in support for The Standing Rock Sioux Nation. The call has been sent out for all Indigenous Nations to help stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. I didn’t want to post a request on your Facebook account without your permission. ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay ever beautiful, Lady Rena. Sincerely, Nyla Pete.

    • Kia ora Nyla! It is absolutely fine for you to share some info, maybe a photo, etc regarding supporting ‘The Standing Rock Sioux Nation’ on my FB page. Do it as a Visitor’s Post and that way others will also see it and may also lend their support. Kia kaha = Be strong!XO

  2. Hello Rena…it’s Louie from NYC. Nestor & Rosemary’s friend. just got home from work and turned on the tube just in time to see a young woman from New Zealand performing in the olympics and immediately thought of you.
    Congratulations on your latest honor ! I must agree the image of you is beautiful ! Absolutely love your chosen phrase…wishing you the best! Now and Always! Louie R.

    • Helloooo dear Louie! So lovely to hear from you! It has been way too, too long since I’ve seen Nestor & Rosemary, or your good self! Was the young Kiwi gal performing in a certain competition?? FYI, I don’t get to my website often but I do now have a professional facebook page: which I get to more often. For now, big love and big hugs to you and your loved ones!XO

  3. Hi
    Trying to get in touch with you but don’t have a current number.
    Please do shoot me an email and I’ll send my contact info…otherwise Jon Sperry and Ivana know how to reach me.
    I’d very much like to chat or meet up if you’re willing and available. It was good to see you a few months ago in West Hollywood.

  4. Hi Rena,

    I’m a friend of Ra’s and met you at the premier of his movie late last year. You asked me to give you a call when I got in to the States.

    I’m here and would love to see you or chat.


    • Hi Mel, you’ll have to give me a few more deets re which film & which Ra as I went to 100s of screening & prems during the past 6 months and now have a mature memory ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Rena,

    Been a while since we last spoke, so I don’t know if you remember me. I’m the Auckland-based journalist who chatted to you a couple of times when I was with Sunday News. I was wanting to catch up with you, so wondering which is the best way – Skype, email, jump on a plane to LA (if only!)?

    Look forward to hearing from you soon,
    Kia kaha,

  6. Hello to the one & only Rena Owen. I ‘m your Aussie fan who commented on your facebook page a few months ago, but it disappeared, however was able to save your ‘special egg for me. LOL. But here I am again, giving much deserved credit to a phenomenal actress. I just watched OWW. I watch it at least 3-4 a week, I’ll never get sick of it. The story, producing & acting is superb. Your performance as Beth evokes the same emotions you display on film, the joy, laughter, pain & sorrow. No matter how many times I watch OWW I cry every time you find your BUB Gracey. I’m a Poet & I wrote a Poem/Ode for you, but have no way to get it to you. I hope one day you get to read it. Much love & respect to you Rena from the magical land of Oz, xo

    • Kia ora (greetings) Nancy!

      Thank you again for your awesome OWW feed back! Why did ma special egg disappear, I don’t believe I removed it? G’bless you for the Poem/Ode you have written for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Is it one you need to send via email or post?

      Arohanui (big love),

      Rena O xo

    • Thank you again for your awesome OWW feed back! Why did ma special egg disappear, I don’t believe I removed it? G’bless you for the Poem/Ode you have written for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Is it one you need to send via email or post?

      Arohanui (big love),

      Rena O xo

  7. Just saw a film that I didn’t anything about called Badlands….what a bleeping surprise ….probably the best film I’ve seen in the past five years….I need to see more films of you

  8. Peace. These are two notes about alternative energy ideas. Each are designs I created and am sending out in hopes of finding creation.
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