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  1. Just saw a film that I didn’t anything about called Badlands….what a bleeping surprise ….probably the best film I’ve seen in the past five years….I need to see more films of you

  2. Peace. These are two notes about alternative energy ideas. Each are designs I created and am sending out in hopes of finding creation.
    One is about an electric vehicle which needs nearly no recharging, and the second is about a wind generator.

    There are further notes about a discovery about Easter Island and ancient mapping of the Earth by islander people well before the creation of Stonehenge.

    May your gifts find peace here.
    John Patrick Hill

  3. Hello Rena,

    Just want to say that the first time I saw ‘Once Were Warriors’ back in 1994, I was moved. Especially the scene where you as Beth Heke finds her daughter dead in the backyard. Boy, was it hard not to fight back the tears. As a matter of fact, I got most of my friends to see the film, and of course every one of them shed a tear or two. I must have seen this movie countless times, and knew most of the lines. I even learned the lyrics to ‘Here is My Heart,’ and sang it for karaoke. This movie made me laugh, cry, and cheer. A very powerful film indeed which has a special place in my heart. God Bless…

  4. Hi Rena,

    I’d just like to wish you all the best with the upcoming release of The Last Witch Hunter. Hopefully this project will provide you with further, well-deserved exposure and also prove to be a theatrical success worldwide.

    Have fun with the PR blitz!

    Cheers — Andy.

  5. Hello Rena…just a brief message from the USA to let you know that your performance as a strong woman in OnceWereWarriors will serve to influence young women all over the globe as far as the power or family devotion. You played a role that actually brought tears to the eyes of many because of the message of a young mother’s love who lived only for her family. Bravo and THANK YOU as I believe your character will serve to catapult some into a new found inner strength.

    • Hope you are well oh beautiful one .

      When you smile , the sun cries as your beauty outshines it .

      When you laugh the strength of your happiness makes thunder sound like a purring kitten

      When you walk , the air feels blessed to caress and swirl about your body .

      When you act , the world stands in awe

      When you cry , my ngakau and wairua feel it and cry with you

      Ka nui toku aroha ki a koe Rena ……………(You are missed in my daily life)

      • You are such a Poet Douglas DD Snoodijk! I appreciate your beautiful words and aroha. It has taken me a while to get to my sorely neglected website. Since taking on a professional face book page, there are just not enough hours in a day for me to do it all. I so need to get myself a techno savvy PA to help with the ongoing work load of this self-employed-one-woman-show! For now, here’s to an awesome 2016!