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  1. Hi Rena,

    I see the movie Siren has finally been released last month and have yet to see it. Anyways, hope you are doing well. A friend of mine and I will be visiting Los Angeles sometime in August this year. We have been fans of Once Were Warriors since it first came out back in 1994 and it would be awesome to meet you in person, if you are in town. Regards.

  2. Yes!!!! I saw a commercial for Sirens, saw ur beautiful face! HUGE fan of Once we’re warriors! You were amazing and im so happy to see that you still are! MUCH ❤️!!

  3. Hi Rena,
    My name is Tim Niupalau. I’m a student at University of California — San Diego. I was hoping to talk with you about talking at a PI Film week we’re trying to run in May. We are hoping to show “Once were Warriors” and it would be amazing if you came and spoke about your experience on the film, your cultural ties to the film and anything else you’d like I share.
    We can discuss how we’d get you out here and this alike that if you’re interested. Thank you for your time.

  4. Hello Rena,
    Both my wife, Kelly , and I have been huge fans since watching Warriors back in the 90’s. The Beth Hickey character has been an big inspiration to my wife who has been battling alcohol addiction for years. She will be hitting her 1 year sobriety coming up this March and I would love to surprise her with an autographed photo of you to keep her motivated. Can one be purchased through this website?

    Thanks for your time,

    • Kia ora dear John! I’m sorry I don’t get to my website often, but I do post regularly on @renaowen on instagram or twitter. I’m gonna be opening a store on ebay soon and will sell pics and OWW items. For now, big love to you and your wife and mucho congrats on her sobriety!xo

  5. Ki Ora Rena,

    Hello from decades ago in Prague when you were on the festival circuit for ‘Once Were Warriors’ and Auckland when we both worked on the tele movie ‘The Call Up’.

    Congratulations on what you have gone on to do.

    Miss you and hope our paths cross again,

    David Handley

    • Kia ora David Hanley! Sorry, I don’t get to my website that often but I do post regularly on @renaowen on instagram or twitter and you’ll find me there. I think Cannes was also in the int film fest mix for us. Where are you in the world and what are you doing with yourself?? x

  6. Greetings, Rena:

    I have a fashion question for you which I addressed to you on your FB page and also on twitter.
    I hope it is OK to ask this of you.
    I love this outfit of yours (see link address below, please).
    I am curious to know where you bought it and/or who designed it.
    I know this is not career-related but I still hope that it is appropriate.

    Thank you very much for any helpful replies you care to give to me, in advance. Have a great day!
    (Actress Rena Owen of “Siren” arrives at Freeform Summit on January 18, 2018 in Hollywood, California.)

  7. Kia ora kotou kuia o Aotearoa

    Did i just see you in the series longmire.

    You have given a face and a voice to ghosts and sorrows and done so with mana over the years. My respect and admiration always.

    • Thank you, Grizz.
      Ae, that was me playing a medicine woman in Longmire and I loved doing that role and working with all those good peeps in Santa Fe 🙂 Appreciate you taking the time to leave me this awesome comment. I don’t get to my website often as I’m now doing social media:
      instagram – therealrenaowen
      facebook – therenaowen
      Arohanui, Rena O xo

  8. it was nice to know you and to come across so strong and powerful woman in film-making, I took my time to look through your work, amazing, great work.
    I am Abejide Oluwole from Swaziland in Southern Africa, I wish to know you better and possible to invite you to Africa for a film conference or workshop next year and get to know you better.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    • Hi Abejide,
      Sorry about the delay but I don’t get to my website often as I’m now doing social media:
      instagram – therealrenaowen
      facebook – therenaowen
      You’ll get a quicker reply from me if you private message me on instagram.
      Arohanui, Rena O xo