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  1. I just finished watching the complete series The Straits and you were absolutely fantastic in the role of Kitty Montebello. Continue success with your career and all the very best. Thank you!

    • Thank U David Easter! I LOVED playing mama Kitty M! We we all very disappointed when the series was not renewed. Unfortunately, ABC took a budget cut and The Straits was their most expensive show due to been shot on location. Here’s hoping there will be another similar character in my acting future!

  2. Sorry, I have to add one more thing: I keep running into people who have seen ‘Once were Warriors” and who (like me) called it one of their favourite films, the hard-hitting subject matter notwithstanding. Ms. Owen, you really should have won the best actress award at the NZ Film Awards, the programme spoken of in the documentary. That it was denied you, is still a travesty to my mind. And we all could see how hurt you were that you got overlooked in the documentary as well. Heart-breaking, but, at least you got your upset off of your chest, which is good. And, you went on to be honoured around the world and in everyone’s hearts and minds, as well.

    As before,

    ~~ Abbie Ormsby

    • Thank you again Abbie. During my OWW documentary interview, I had not expected Julian to ask about that NZ award loss. That question did take me by surprise and my emotional response to it equally surprised me. But it was honest and real. Although I missed out on the establishment vote, at the time what helped me the most was knowing I had the peoples vote! xoxo

  3. This website is lovely, Ms. Owen. Your acting is right up there, as well. I first came to know of your work through the film, “Once were Warriors”, as many other people have, around the world. The film remains one of my all time favourite movies. The documentary on / about the movie was equally compelling viewing. I’m so glad that Julian Arahanga thought to gather the Heke family around again for a nice reunion.

    Do you take suggestions, for this website, Ms. Owen? I hope you do. I would love to read the full articles from the magasines on this page, please:
    The Listener magasine and NZ Film magasine articles interest me most. I reckon those would be quite good reads. Thank you, in advance, for the future posting of the articles, should you chose to do so.

    Take good care, everyone and have a great day!

    • Thank U Abbie! I’m very grateful to Armando Madero who did an amazing job of taking my old website and revamping it into this hot new site which I’m slowly but surely learning how to navigate 🙂 I am very open to all suggestions. Unfortunately with the Listener & NZ Film Magazines, they were all pre-internet in the mid 1990s, so are not available online. One day when time is on my side and I am back in NZ, I want to digitalize all my old media that came prior to the digital age we now live in. I have boxes full of great media and photos to be posted one day! For now, I’ll be posting articles and photos I can access. Appreciate your support!

  4. First time i seen “once were warriors” i keep watching over and over again, i thought the whole group were amazing actors, Thank You!

  5. Aloha Rena,

    Just watched the Once Were Warriors reunion and was reminded of your outstanding work on the film.

    You’re an inspiration to someone like me, a Polynesian actor just trying to make it.

    Just found your Facebook page, and I’m excited to follow your cinematic endeavors.

    Have a great weekend!

    Mahalo Nui,


    • Bless U, Wayne. I thought Julian (Nig) did a great job of the reunion documentary, particularly knowing how much interview, general & film footage, he had to chose from! Ps. All the best with your acting aspirations! It’s a very good time to be Polynesian or Ethnically Ambiguous!

  6. Hey Rena,
    Your website is looking good. I think you are a wonderful person and I wish you long lasting success in all of your endeavors.

  7. Kiaora Rena,

    I’ve been a fan of yours since the first time you played the role of Beth Heke. I rented it in 1995 in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m thrilled to see you continue to have success over the years. I’m an indie filmmaker and screenwriter from America, never been to Aotearoa, but one of my buddies is Ngati Ranginui and from Tauranga. He’s working on building a Marae here in Las Vegas, Nevada. He respectfully cleared it with the Native Paiutes first. They supported his idea. I pray someday in the future I will get to work with you. I pray the Dead Lands is a success. Sincerely, Jason Anthony Fisher

    • Thanks, Jason! I’m hoping to get to Vegas soon and maybe we can meet, kanohi ki te kanohi (face 2 face)! For now, go to my pro face book page as there’s a link there for the OWW Reunion Documentary that you can watch online! Rena xo

  8. Hi Rena,

    I saw Once Were Warriors for the first time today. I was three when it came out- so I hope you’ll forgive the delayed fanmail! I was beyond moved and particularly blown away by your performance. I saw you before in The Straits (and I always thought you were pretty badass) so I guess it shouldn’t have gobsmacked me quite like that.

    Anyway, I was just googling around to find out what other work you’ve done when I stumbled on this website. I love that there’s a message section to write to you!

    I’m so happy that you are out there, doing such excellent and diverse creative work. I’m always saddened when us women of colour are put into simple stereotypes, or just african americanized, and it really makes me feel privileged to now have the chance to check out some more of your films and tv shows.

    Seriously, thank you.