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  1. Hi Rena years ago u authenticated my original were warriors poster /auto graphs would love it if u could organise a signed poster of Whina like I saw on one of you’re posts please email me will cover costs etc Cheers

  2. Dear Miss Rena Owen,
    Thank you for being Helen in Siren.
    Helen being the oldest land mermaid living.
    But the sea holds many untold stories about our plant’s true existence before the human race started.
    Once again thank you Rena Owen❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hello, Rena – Did I just hear you doing an industrial v/o for Microsoft Power Apps? If not you, there’s another New Zealander who’s gotten into the act.


    Tom Barclay

  4. Felt inspired to express my appreciation for your works and craft. Both as an actor and also as an indigenous actor. When I see you on screen, I know the character will come alive and have substance. Thank you for putting your all into your work and sharing stories through your craft.

  5. Hi Rena,
    I was just watching you on The Orville and wow, you just get more amazing! Incredible and inspiring, very real and funny character, I cried! You won’t remember me, but I met you at a Grand Slam con in Pasadena years ago, after you did Star Wars. You signed my Once Were Warriors video and gave me a lobby card which you signed, so awesome! Still have them on display. I remember you said you gave your only copy of the film to your agent and no longer had one, and I called 2 video stores in the area, both of which were sold out. I felt so bad, but you hugged me and thanked me! So nice! I had no idea there was a sequel to Warriors, but I’ll be getting it soon. It must have been funny and cool to work with Temura Morrison on that, then Star Wars too, what a trip! Anyway, so glad to find your website, you’re the best!

    • Thank you Sonia! I don’t get to this website very often. Especially since I’ve been doing social media. I’m mostly on instagram @renaowen
      Thank you for the lovely memories. I was able to buy quite a few OWW dvds in the USA but I still have got around to opening my online shop!
      You stay safe and well!XO

  6. Dear Actress Rena Owen ,

    Hello from UK Wales just like to say hello as its been a while since i emailed you last and if you ever bump into actor Temeura Morrison please do tell him loving his movies and your movies too there about to make Black Panther 2 movie for 2022 marvel like to see you in in this i hope

    Andrew Griffiths

    Stay Safe All and your website just gets better everytime i look at it

  7. Hi Aunty Rena,
    just wanted to leave some words of love on your guestbook. Last time i saw you was at NEO’s 60th birthday bash. Miss and Love you. keep doing the great work you’re doing

  8. Hi Rena, I was wondering if you have any recollection of where the pub location in Once Were Warriors is? I’m interested in visiting it and a few other locations from the film.

    • The interior for all the pub scenes was a set built in a warehouse in Onehunga. The exterior of pub was a place in South Auckland. I just found this online:

      Living in South Auckland where a lot of the scenes were filmed. The pub was the first supermarket in New Zealand, in Great South Road., Otahuhu. In one shot you can see the block of flats on the other of the Tamaki River.

      Next door is the pipe Grace walks across, also over the Tamaki river. Near the Heke house several large chimneys are visible which are at the Otahuhu Power Station.

  9. Hi Rena “Helen” you are truly inspirational, i knew from first time i saw you on Siren that you were and are a down to earth dynamic lady “Mermaid” i felt a connection with you and your merpersona “Helen” from the start, love how you made #helenhybirdmer come to life so love her witty fun loving but strong no nonsense personality! Your role give essence and so much purpose to siren story lines, without you it would not strive as fintastically. Thank you for interacting with me and your fans on IG im blown away by your kind fun spirit.