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Kia ora koutou katoa. Greetings and welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. From multiple photo shoots I’ve done around the world during the past 20 years, I chose ANDREW HARVEY’s photo for my home page as it is one of my favorites! I am very honored to be in his limited edition book celebrating NEW ZEALANDERS who dared to AIM HIGH! He asked each of us to give him a phrase, look very closely for mine and… FIND THE WARRIOR WITHIN! 



“An Artist not only strives to entertain, but also strives to educate, inspire, shine light where there is darkness, touch man’s heart, and raise consciousness. As an Actor, what ultimately speaks for you on screen, is who you are as a person.” Rena Owen


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  • 06 Dec 2014

    It’s a Wrap on The Last Witch Hunter!

    I had a blast working on TLWH and loved my time in PITTSBURGH! Due to Non Disclosure Agreement, I can’t share info about the project, and can on

  • 16 Nov 2014

    It’s a Wrap on da Red Road!

    To all the cast and crew on the Sundance TV series; The Red Road, mucho congrats for putting another season in the can! Forever proud to be a part of

  • 13 Nov 2014

    Update from Pittsburgh!

    Finally catching some time to give my awesome new website created by Armando Madero of jUSTeXPOSE Media, some much needed attention! Thank you for the

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