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  1. I think Rena is a wonderful actress and damned beautiful. I saw Once Were Warriors for the first time last night and I’m thinking why haven’t I’ve seen it before now. Rena gave an extraordinary performance. I felt her pain and emotion in the role of Beth. And I caught her in the Episode II DVD section, and was amazed again. I look forward to seeing more amazing things from this wonderful actress.

  2. If I could ever shake someone’s hand, it would be Rena Owen. The character she played in, in the movie “Once Were Warriors” was me in a few times in my life. She portrayed this Beth so wonderfully, with such strength and sorrow, joy and passion. It gave us all Chills! I made all the women in my family watch it. It will stay with us forever! Her acting talents will hopefully bring more of her to the screen. Her talent impressed me to the core. Bravo Rena Owen! We just Love ya!

  3. I remembered when I first saw Once Were Warriors. I was blown away by your energy. Just today, after so many years since I first saw the movie, the same feelings rushed back. It was like seeing it for the first time again. You are an amazing actress. I really do hope that you break the American market. This country needs a brilliant actress such as yourself. Good luck with your future and I am now going to search for more movies that you have stared in. Cheers!
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  4. I just saw Rena’s picture “Once Were Warriors” and I must say, I am an instant fan, and after reading her Biography, I was compelled to show how she has grabbed this middle aged man. Her obvious beauty is one thing but what really impressed me was her incredible talent for acting. I hope to see more of her performances soon.
    Rob Roberts

  5. hey!how r u?I just wanted to say that your movie:Once were Worriers was so great!you act so great and you act like it really happening!well ill always be your #1 fan and keep up the great acting and your model shots!bye,bye for now
    yours truely stacy

  6. Am actually a student at St. Peter’s Preparatory High School, and am in a Humanities class, which featured your film O.W.W as part of the class. The film’s purpose was to study the meaning of truth and to compare your charcter with that of Mimi in the Italian play “La Boheme” i must say your performance was great and it made it easy for us, the students in the class to get inside your skin, and experience something new. the film has stayed with us ans so has your character, my next assiggment is to write about the charcter of Beth and how she was true to herself. thank you for such a great performance!