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  1. Rena..what a great webpage you have.. it was so wonderful to see all the lovely photos and the amount of casts you have been in… im a total fan of yours and am looking forward to seeing you in many movies in the future… “you are total kiwi talent for sure” … cheers Joanne

  2. Hi Rena, I am Etta Jones. I just wanted to let you know that I own to movie Once Were Warriors. I am amazed by your performace in the movie. I am a black American who is facsinated by the maori culture. I love to travel when I can afford it and like reading and doing research on differnt cultures around the world. New Zealand and Australia are the first countries I would love to visit. Well guess I’ll go now. So you take care of yourself and keep up the good work. E-mail me back if you can.
    Your fan Etta

  3. Novemeber 2nd 2003
    HI Rena!!!!
    My husband and I just got back from the Orlando ColLectOCon. If you remember us i was the island looking girl with the haole husband. Anyways, although we didnt get to chat for too long i can’t say how much my husband and I appreciate your work and your powerful performance in Once Were Warriors. And ever since we have seen it we have been great fans. We are from New Jersy, USA and KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND YOU ARE AMAZIN’!! and we wanted let you know that we were incredibly thrilled to have met you and hope to catch you at more functions in the future. It was definitley a treat!!
    Mahalo nui loa and God Bless~~

  4. First off, I must say, this is surely a well-put together website. I like it. That said, I just finished watching the DVD edition of the film, Once Were Warriors. It was an excellent film. Only one thing: I did not like your performance in that movie at all.
    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was very strong, powerful, moving and tender all at the same time. I was feeling your pain as if we were sisters. Rarely am I this swayed by the work of ANY performer from one viewing. But, Rena, you have unconditionally won me over!!!!! You are truly a beautiful woman, inside and out. It is a doggone shame this was not more recognized in the States as it should have been and you clearly deserved Oscar recognition for your work in this one. However, I am glad to see that you are over here in the states now and hope that the Star Wars work and the Warriors release on DVD (the store I bought it from has problems keeping it shelved!), amongst other things, abets you in getting the recognition you rightfully deserve ALL OVER in acting! You are the real deal, girl!!!!!!!!!

  5. Having seen you in Once We Were Warriors and then recollecting some of your other film roles show in USA,
    I have found a new cinema friend. Your range is unique and hope to see more of your craft in the future.

  6. Hi Rena, Hope you remember me, it was great meeting you the other night at the “In the Cut” Premiere. As I told you before, ever since I saw “Once Were Warriors” you have been one of my favorite actresses. It was a very powerful movie and your acting was incredible. Thank you for letting know that it was just released on DVD, I will buy it right away even though I have it on other formats. Hope we can get together soon and continue to talk about the Company I work for, Workplace Hollywood and possibly future collaborations. And yes, I owe you an apple martini. Ha!Ha! Hope to hear from you soon. You can reach me at the numbers I gave you or email me at God Bless you , Eric

  7. Kia Ora, Rena just wanted 2 say HELLO!! I enjoy all your acting that you’ve done especially when u acted in Once were warriors and what becomes of the broken hearted, u are very talented and hope 2 see you in more movies c ya and May God Bless You Luv U…