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  1. simple. thought of you when keisha castle hughes received that amazing nomination of which she truley deserved. always wondered why you were not in that film. most importantly your performance in once were warriors always stuck in my mind of one of the most amazing performances ever onscreen. raw and heartfelt. prayed for your nomination that year.
    still share your performance with friends, thanks
    steven tangjian

  2. Hello Rena,
    Kei te pehea koe? i’m fine
    I think you’re realy great!
    Do you have any contact with Julian Arahanga ?
    Becouse i like to know if he got an webpage to…
    anyway thnxs : Insos-Mathilda

  3. Hello. I just wanted to drop a note to you regarding “When Love Comes”. I rented this movie, ended up buying a copy, and have finally purchased the DVD. It’s one of my favorite films. Each and every performance was excellent, and the music was great as well. Michele Fantl (producer) sent me a copy of the soundtrack on CD. I had ordered it from here in the USA, but the web site had a problem with filling the order, so Michele sent it directly to me with a nice letter thanking me for my interest in the film. It’s too bad it was overlooked here in the U.S. Anyhow, thanks again for the great work.
    John Gamby
    Malden, MA

  4. Hey Rena,
    It’s good to see you are still around and still carrying out the core of your fate. I just want to say congratulations on everything, you are one of the few role models for our Polynesian people. I always look forward to your work. Keep up the bright attitude and good luck with everything!
    Ia manuia lou malaga,

  5. Kia ora Rena! Kei te pehea koe?, you have no idea how long I have waited for your official website! My name is Candice from New Jersey, USA and I am a fan of yours. Rena I first saw you back in 1995 when I rented “Once were Warriors”. I remember the movie commercials on tv(it was very briefly in a theatre near me but I never got to see it) and I really was intrigued by it! When I saw OWW I immediately became a fan you Rena and New Zealand/Australia! I even started to learn the Maori language. I became good friends with wonderful kiwi people over the internet. Somehow I lost track of you and I’m so glad to find this website! I’m a woman of color and I can identify with you! You are a wonderful actress and god bless you!
    Ka Kite!
    URL :

  6. Rena..what a great webpage you have.. it was so wonderful to see all the lovely photos and the amount of casts you have been in… im a total fan of yours and am looking forward to seeing you in many movies in the future… “you are total kiwi talent for sure” … cheers Joanne

  7. Hi Rena, I am Etta Jones. I just wanted to let you know that I own to movie Once Were Warriors. I am amazed by your performace in the movie. I am a black American who is facsinated by the maori culture. I love to travel when I can afford it and like reading and doing research on differnt cultures around the world. New Zealand and Australia are the first countries I would love to visit. Well guess I’ll go now. So you take care of yourself and keep up the good work. E-mail me back if you can.
    Your fan Etta

  8. Novemeber 2nd 2003
    HI Rena!!!!
    My husband and I just got back from the Orlando ColLectOCon. If you remember us i was the island looking girl with the haole husband. Anyways, although we didnt get to chat for too long i can’t say how much my husband and I appreciate your work and your powerful performance in Once Were Warriors. And ever since we have seen it we have been great fans. We are from New Jersy, USA and KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND YOU ARE AMAZIN’!! and we wanted let you know that we were incredibly thrilled to have met you and hope to catch you at more functions in the future. It was definitley a treat!!
    Mahalo nui loa and God Bless~~