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  1. to rena owen , great new look website i see new movies you have made great looking forward meeting you in milton keynes United Kingdom England, at Collectormania 5 , in May 2nd.
    andrew g

  2. i just adore rena owen!for the first time i just watched “once were warriors” and i love that movie! and rena was such a great actress in it.she really lit up the screen and put alot of emotion into it especially in the end. after watching the movie i came straight to her website to find more movies that she’s acted in so i can see more of her movies.great website by the way! keep up the good work!

  3. Just thought I’d send a fan letter to my favorite, favorite genius from New Zealand.
    This is Lance Mungia, your director from the Crow, Wicked Prayer. I lost your cel number amidst the chaos that is my life and just stumbled upon your site, so I thought I’d say whassup, whassup!
    Working with you was one of the greatest, coolest things about the movie. The scene with you and Eddie turned out amazing, better than originally written by far. I actually just showed the movie (rough cut) to Eddie for the first time a few days ago, and I was so happy that he totally flipped for it. You guys did so great together, true chemistry let me tell you. I can’t wait for you to see it.
    You’re an incredibly giving, thoughtful actor, and a sincerely good soul to boot. It was an honor and a kick to watch you work in Utah. I truly hope we think up something to do again soon.
    You rock Girl!!!
    Lance Mungia
    Email me back, I’ll give you my number. Let’s hang out and have a barbeque or something, with Eddie maybe, when you’re back in town!