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  1. Aloha Rena,
    How are you?
    Seems you are one busy lady. I don’t know if you remember me but I met you at Maui Community College while you were giving your talk on one Once Were Warriors, it’s sequal and Domestic Violence. I also did Mary Kay.
    My kids recall the time you called our house and spoke to them. They were tickled. Thanks for that gesture because they feel they have a connection by the mere fact that “Once Were Warriors” was our life. It may not have been as brutal, but the comparison hit home. We lived in a public housing at the time, we didn’t have much money, the children saw me get hit, the and their dad was on drugs. They also feel the conection because of their polynesian ancestory. Although my children are composed of cosmopolitan racial blends, Hawaiian and Tahitian blood run through their veins. That telephone call to them made it possible to have a special memory and a connection. One day we’ll visit New Zealand. It has been one of my dreams to visit the place. Keep up the great work with your acting and you positive attitude on life. By doing the great work that you do you makes a difference in the lives of our children.
    Mahalo Nui Loa and God Bless!
    Celeste E Ortiz

  2. Hi Rena, we are great admirors. Jack, Mary and daughters Angie and Jacky.
    always dreamed of a career such as yours i´m yalous (Jack)
    we´re a mix of Greek, Dutch and Antilian and your proudness of your herritage makes us proud of ours.
    we love you, good luck, xxxx

  3. Kia Ora e hoa,
    Tino ataahua tou website me tou mahi tumeke hoki i roto i nga pikitia o te Ao. Tuatahi, whakawhetai ki te Atua i te rangi, ko te kai homai o nga mea katoa i tenei Ao.
    Awesome website Rena. Like every one says “I’m your biggest fan.” Growing up mostly in Brisbane, Australia I used to watch you on Medivac and later when I helped produce “Mano” our local Maori Community radio show on Brisbane’s Radio 4EB FM we used to speak very proudly of you.
    Loved Once Were Warriors and Rapa Nui and have seen you pop up here and there in other productions. Hold tight to your faith, your Maoritanga and your nation – Aotearoa. Continue to fly ever upwards in your career.
    God Bless & noho ora mai i runga i te manaakitanga o te runga rawa. Kia piki te kaha, kia piki te ora, rangi marie.
    Sulieni Leiti. 🙂

  4. Hello Rena,
    Just wanted to say hello and tell you that the members of the Midwest Garrison (501st Stormtrooper Legion) are looking forward to seeing you at WizardWorld in Chicago in Aug.
    We have a great time ther with the other SW actors. Just ask Peter Mayhew, David Prouse Jermey Bullock Amy Allen and so on.
    Our usual offer of joining us for dinner after the con closes on Saturday is extended to you as it is with the other SW actors. Hope you can join us. We’ll give you details at the con or feel free to email me.
    We hope you will enjoy your time there.
    TK118 Out
    AKA Tom
    URL :

  5. Kiaora Rena, my name is Dane Ngahuka. i live in Las Vegas. My band is called Whale Riders..cheeky eh!..mostly maori Reggae and R&B..9 piece band. I have just recently heard about Behind the Tattoo from my mate. it would be choice to hear more about it. I would like to offer my band to support whatever is happening over your way…i also have a haka group here with my cuzzies…Haka Toa..and its not vegas style…hehehe…its the real thing…about 8 big maori fullas..all from home..we would also love to do some mahi there eh!..anyway..I hope you get to read this and hopefully reply…oh well…Tika Tonu..Matika Mai..We all love you…churr..Dane Ngahuka

  6. After finally seeing Once Were Warriors I cannot understand how you could possibly have been overlooked for the top actress award.Graces’performance was good,but yours was exceptional.Did you upset the wrong people,perhaps?
    Guess that just goes with guts and spunk,huh!

  7. Rena, I don`t normally write fan letters but your performance on “Once Were Warriors” made such an impact one me. I am happily married but if we could all live parallel lives, I would be your devoted partner till the end of time. Your acting is sensational and your appeal as a woman is something that just totslly transcends all barriers. LOve and best wishes, Alec