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  1. I had the pleasure of watching Once Were Warriors…and I have to say I was not only captivated by the movie itself, but the actors, especially Ms. Owen. The feeling and emotions she put into that movie as a woman who has to be strong for her family, has overwhelmed me. I am officially moved by this movie, and this is the only movie that has had a profound effect on me. I think you are beautiful, inside and out. I will be looking forward your upcoming movies. Good luck to you, and thank you for being who you are.

  2. Kia ora our friend,

    Hope you had a super christmas and new year.
    We are currently in the middle of collaborating Hone’s next exhibition and designing a webb page for him, thing’s are coming together slowly but surely for him.
    Just a mihi to say that both Hone and I really appreciated your support and aroha and we hope all your future ambitions come true as we know you do for us.
    Spunky web site.

    Aroha nui Hone and Linda.

    P.S we’ll keep you posted on that web site.

  3. Rena
    I discovered you in Once Were Warriors after that I adore your work. The quality of work you have done so far and I have love every bit of it. You are a superstart Hollywood is really missing big time not hiring you- but independent films are great and much better than those made in Hollywood. Keep up the good work and here you have a new fan.
    From New York Adiel Gonzalez

  4. Hey Rena, its Jaysin (the red head brit from dragon*con) I am sorry its been so long in getting in touch with you. I hope you are doing well, had a happy holiday season… I am sure your new year will be wonderful.

  5. Rena,
    I would like to take the opportunity to extend my gratitude for your accepting the dinner invitation during your visit to DragonCon. The evening was enjoyed by all and we hope that you, yourself enjoyed the meal. Myself and the other members of the Florida Garrison and 501st appreciate all your efforts in making the Star Wars saga a memorable one. Feel free to contact us for any event you may be involved with or just for giggles.
    P.S. Now looking for a Kilt!
    Clone Love,
    Scott & Cindy Rickenbacker
    TK-104 “Trooper-Rat”
    Florida Garrison
    URL :

  6. Rena-
    It was a pleasure to meet you last weekend at Wizard World Chicago. You were so warm and friendly. I would expect an actress as talented as you to have an ego, but you were down to earth and real. I love that about you.
    I hope you have time to watch my 10-minute short film, DEBT, and to let me know what you think of it. I have 4 other shorts in post-production that should be done in the coming months. I also have a feature screenplay that I would love for you to read. As with all filmmakers, I’m working toward that one break that will get me into the business. Just need to find someone who believes in my talent.
    Please contact me at your convenience.
    Be well,
    -Brian McQuery