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  1. You are very believeable in Once Were Warriors when the character Grace died. My wife and I refer to you as Beth every time we see you in movies. You sure are a great actress and hope to see more of you in the near future. About your web site you should add more pictures of yourself.

  2. Hi Rena..I’ve never met you in person..but I have followed your career for a long time. I believe you are one great actress, and I have enjoyed all your movie roles. I had at one time wrote to your one of your press guys..cant remeber his name..but he was very kind in returning my e-mails about your ongoing work..I believe at that time you were working on some sort of series in Australia. zzzzzzkeep up your good’re a very lovely lady..Michael

  3. Rena, I met you at the Dallas Comicon yesterday (Saturday, October 12–I was the guy in the yellow shirt who said your voice was the sweetest in the entire Star Wars saga). You were absolutely wonderful. I hope I get the chance to meet you again someday. Thank you again for taking the time to come meet your fans and even more for being such a delight. I’ll definitely check you out tonight on the TV show “Angel.” By the way, it appears that my brother-in-law, Andrew, just left the previous message.
    Take care, and I hope to see you again someday…
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  4. I had the privilege of meeting miss Owens yesterday at the Dallas Comicon Convention and couldn’t believe how incredibly nice she was. Not only did she stop to have a small conversation with my brother-in-law and myself, but she seemed genuinely friendly, outgoing, and just extremely nice. Hope to see you again someday Rena!
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  5. I Enjoyed the character Taun-We and felt that you really contributed to the character. It must be kind of difficult knowing that your person will be replaced by a CG Image. Good Job! ‘May the force be with you’

  6. Rena,

    Way to go! Thanks for being a part of movie history in Star Wars EpII. Hope to see you again in Episode III or on the Convention circit.
    Orlando, Fl.

  7. He mihi tino nui tenei kia koe e Rena!!
    You are one inspirational lady!!After ‘The Once were Warriors’ movie you have been the best female actress of mine in New Zealand. I go to Te Kareti Maori o Hato Hohepa in Napier. I read about you and your new husband in the magazines!! You looked primo!! I wish you all the best for the future!
    Ma te Atua e manaki i a koe i nga wa katoa.
    Your one top lady!!
    Naku noa Horowa

  8. Kiaora Rena,

    I’ve been a fan of yours since the first time you played the role of Beth Heke. I rented it in 1995 in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m thrilled to see you continue to have success over the years. I’m an indie filmmaker and screenwriter from America, never been to Aotearoa, but one of my buddies is Ngati Ranginui and from Tauranga. He’s working on building a Marae here in Las Vegas, Nevada. He respectfully cleared it with the Native Paiutes first. They supported his idea. I pray someday in the future I will get to work with you. I pray the Dead Lands is a success. Sincerely, Jason Anthony Fisher