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  1. Dear,
    I saw the movie Once we were warriors now again. It was years ago I saw that movie first time. But you and the other actors are SO GREAT!! Thank u.

  2. I just wanted to let you know how much I admire you and your work. I am a follower of Shortland Street and since your arrival it’s the first time I have been so emotionally drawn in to a charactor (Hine) and her story, you are a talented woman…. Lots of love!!

  3. Iwatched your movie ” Once Were Warriors.” I can relate to the alcoholism and domestic violence in the movie. My mom now works in a domestic violence shelter and shows this movie to her teaching classes. You are a wonderful actress.

  4. I have watched your proformance in “Once were warriors”so many times, I have had to buy new copies!I was so inspired by “beth” in the movie, I have bought and read all three books. You are the only actress that has ever made me feel the pain of charactor as if she were real. Thank you Rena, you are fabulous!

  5. Hello Rena,

    I.m from the Netherlands
    And i,ve seen Once wher warriors a thousand times it is the best movie i,ve seen in years
    I hope you mail me back

    Lots of love Priscilla van The Netherlands

  6. Dear Mrs. Owen,
    I saw your movie Once were warriors first by now so I discovered you first! So many emotions got through me within watching this movie! It made me feel almost angry I watched it – so much pain inside! You are amazing! Thank you! Now I see you even engaged in Domestic Violence. So you not just wonderfull actor, you wonderfull person too. Thanks again! Vlasta from Czech Republic

  7. Tulou lava Rena,

    Thank you for supporting my play THE PACKER at the Hollywood Fringe Festival June 2010. Your support gave our production that extra bit of mana, because of who you are and all you have achieved.

    Until we meet again Wahine Toa…

    “Amuia le masina, e alu ma sau”
    Blessed is the moon which goes and returns!

    Ia manuia

  8. Kia Ora, Rena! I’m an actor too, just toured New Zealand in a musical actually (I love your country so much.) Just wanted to drop a note to say how much of a fan I am of yours. I’ve only seen you in Once Were Warriors and now the Mary Kay Letourneau Story. Keep up the good work. I’m always impressed! 🙂