Rena Owen’s First “Star Wars” Interview
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Rena Owen’s First “Star Wars” Interview

12 Aug 2014, Posted by in ARTICLES & INTERVIEWS

Rena Owen’s First “Star Wars” Interview
by Stein Carlsen, October 15, 2000

1. Have you seen the previous Star Wars movies? If so did you like them?

Answer: I had seen the first Star Wars movies when they first came out. At the time, like most people, I was fascinated by them as they were very ahead of their time. I had not seen the last one, but once i found out that I was going to do a role in Star Wars: Episode II, I watched it! To be honest, I did not have the same fascination with it, as films with computer effects are now so common…..and I am also older!!

2. What was it like to work with George Lucas?

Answer: The best part of the gig, was having the opportunity to work with George Lucas, whom I believe is a genius, and a very nice, real, decent human being. I also had the pleasure of doing scenes with Ewan McGregor, a consummate professional, and a really great guy. It was also good to do a scene opposite my co-star from Once Were Warriors, Temuera Morrison, within a totally different context.

3. What was the best part of being involved in the Star Wars: Episode II ?

Answer: The opportunity to have worked with the above talent, a privilege and pleasure. And knowing, even though my role is small, that i have become a part of the Star Wars legacy.

4. Did you get to work with Temuera Morrison on the set of Episode II? If so, how was it working with him again?

Answer: Commented on above. I always enjoy working with my buddy Tem, another consummate pro.

5. Do you have any favourite Star Wars character?

Answer: Yes, the little wise one, with the big ears, name escapes me. (Editor’s note: YODA)

6. Is there any chance that the character you played in Episode II will also be in Episode III ?

Answer: Don’t think so, I would imagine that they will have new characters for the third episode.

7. How much of your role was revealed to you before you got on the set? We have previously heard that Lucas keep the actors informed on a need to know basis.

Answer: I was informed of the exact nature of my role and given all my scenes to learn, so I was very clear about my purpose on set.

8. Could you share with us your feelings on how it was to be asked to play a part in Episode II?

Answer: I felt so very excited, I screamed very loudly when I read the e-mail telling me I had been offered a role. A huge buzz!! I felt incredibly blessed, such an honor to be part of history. Much gratitude to Robin Gurland, the Casting Director and George Lucas.


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