Interview : Rena Owen
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Interview : Rena Owen

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Interview : Rena Owen
by Clint Morris
Moviehole, March 9, 2004
Rena Owen won her acclaim for her role in the indy smash “Once Were Warriors”. Since then, she’s appeared in a variety of films including “Star Wars Episode II : Attack of the Clones”, “A.I” and TV’s “Angel”. She’s now starring in “The Crow: Wicked Prayer” and Clint Morris had the chance to talk to her about it recently.You’ve just completed “The Crow”. How did that go?
I shot my scenes in July 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah. A great crew to work with, rocked with the director, Lance Mungia, and had a blast with Eddie (Furlong). Fond memories forever!

So how is Edward Furlong as the Crow, David Boreanaz as the baddie?
I will never forget looking into Eddie’s deep deep eyes. Such a talented young man, I thought he made for an awesome Crow with sensitivity. And who better to play the Devil then the Angel himself, David Boreanaz. Only regret, I didn’t do any scenes with David or Dennis Hopper!

Didn’t you also worked on an episode of “Angel” with Boreanaz?
I will forever be a fan of David’s. In my eyes he is the epitome of a true leading man who should be doing films back to back. He is so easy to work with, generous as an actor, and a very kind decent human being. Dinza was a babe to play, but high maintenance with 7 hours in the make up chair to create her! I was very sad to recently read that Angel has been cancelled.

You’ve been doing some very Hollywood – big studio pics, how does doing those differ from smaller flicks like ‘Once Were Warriors’?
The most obvious difference is high art, low budget films, feed and fill the soul, whereas big budget films fatten the wallet. But both have their place and neither is better then the other. As an Actor I aim to learn and grow through all creative journeys and I do like to do a little of everything and keep it diverse. My ultimate project is high art with a big budget!

I see you’re playing a different character in ‘Star Wars Episode III’ than the one you played in ‘Episode 2’. How’s that? And what can you tell me about the role?
All I’m allowed to say is that I come back as a human being, a new Senator, and you will see my face in Episode 3. But my favorite will always be Taun We, a tough character to top! An honor to be a part of the grand finale! And 3 great weeks with the cast and crew on location in Sydney, Australia.

How has your experience been on Star Wars, and working for George Lucas?
So much respect for George Lucas, a genius and a gentleman! A privilege and pleasure to work with. A highlight in my life to be a part of his Star Wars galaxy, which I did not realize at the time of shooting Episode 2, but only came to appreciate with the onslaught of fan mail and going to a convention! Only then did I understand the extraordinary world I had become a part of for life! It was a dream come true, and very flattering to be asked to return for Episode 3.

I hear you’re up for a big Warner film set to film in March/April – any hints?
I am attached to a big budget futuristic feature, but until it becomes an absolute reality, I am reluctant to say any more. I’m also attached to two independent films, high art, low budgets! I hope to make all 3 this year!

Did the offers come-a-flooding after ‘Once Were Warriors’?
This is the reason I can only walk day to day. Yes I did get many offers, and I chose a film that was to be shot in Australia. The shooting date changed half a dozen times in a year, meanwhile, I’m turning down good work, to save myself for the project, which eventually lost its budget and never got made! I learnt then, that one can only take a project for granted once your on set and hear the director say, “Action”. It is a common occurrence in this industry, to have films delayed, canned, and then some do get made and never get seen. I’ve learnt to say yes to good work when it is offered and the future is always uncertain.

Do you spend much time in NZ still with all the work going on?
Yes I do, I usually get home 2 to 3 times a year, for work and family matters. I’m also in the early stages of producing a New Zealand feature film, so I can’t avoid going home, which I love to do.

What’s next for you?
Well I’m really hoping one of the 3 features I am attached to gets a green light and finally gets made! In the meantime, I’m acting in a short film for a friend here in LA. Doing a wonderful acting course with Margie Haber, working on my standard generic American accent and doing my taxes! This month I’ll also be doing some voice over work for a Lucas Film Video game.

THE CROW : WICKED PRAYER Wicked Prayer is released later this year

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