January 2012
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January 2012

12 Aug 2014, Posted by in Blog

It has been way, way too long since I wrote an update. That sucks! I am very sorry that I have not made my website a priority.

For too long now I’ve been a one woman show, juggled way too many balls, and spread myself way too thin keeping on top of my creative businesses of acting, writing, and producing, whilst maintaining multiple homes and treasured relationships with my very large extended family and lifelong friends spread around the globe. I know, I should just sign up do face book and twitter from time to time! But given I often spend hours working on my computer the last thing I want to do is socialize on it. And okay, I’m old-fashioned, outside of my very public job I like to live a private life, and I still prefer to pick up the phone or hang out to spend quality time with peeps. But then I still do need a place for my fans, a public domain contact point, and for whomever else who may want to visit.

So in keeping up with my New Year’s resolution to keep my website updated no matter how dang busy I get, here’s my first post! Or should that word now be blog? Firstly I want to thank each of you who have left notes for me in the guestbook. Thank you for taking the time to find my website and to write me a note. Notes that have been very complimentary, touching, flattering, inspiring, and always encouraging. The timing of many of your notes has been uncanny. They have landed when I’ve been in much need of a professional or personal boost, or both. I hope to be able to create a way within the site so I am able to answer some of your questions or simply say, thank you. For those of you who have sent fan mail with requests for autographs or photos that have piled up and gathered dust, finally, I will get those done before the end of this month! So keep an eye on your post.

A lot has gone down during the past few years. My personal life aside, I finished writing my epic screenplay Behind the Tattooed Face and am currently exploring setting the project up as a New Zealand/Australian Co-Production. I helped to write, produce, and acted in a short horror film called Spout. Made in Los Angeles it was a first for Polynesian filmmakers behind the camera. I played supporting roles in a few US Independent Feature Films whilst writing another screenplay set in NZ and LA called It Takes Tu. I invested time and energy into developing the project but then acting work down under consumed my time and focus.

I’ve very happy to share that the acting jobs since late 2010 have afforded me accolades. For my role on Shortland Street I was nominated for Best Supporting Actress by NZ’s TV Guides People’s Choice Award. I didn’t win my category but in my eyes being nominated by the people was a huge win. Thank you to all those who voted for me! Last November I won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Aotearoa Film & Television Awards for the same role. It was an honor and an enormous thrill shared with some of my beloved siblings and industry friends. A night we will always remember. I’ve gotta give a shout out to our longest running, and still the most watched TV Series in NZ, Shortland Street! It was a great job, a great character, and I worked with a great cast and crew.

For the role I did in Australia on SBS’s East West 101 TV series I was nominated Best Actress at the International Monte Carlo Television Festival. Didn’t win but it was an absolute honor given the festival picks only 26 shows from all around the world. I’m currently nominated for the same role at the upcoming 2012 Australian Academies, AACTA. I’ll be heading to Sydney for the event on Jan 31st to be held at the Sydney Opera House. Check out www.AACTA.org, you’ll see a lot of A-list talent nominated in the film categories. Then on Feb 2nd the new Australian ABC TV Series, The Straits goes to air. I play the mother of a crime family, Kitty Montebello. But Kitty is no kitten. She was one of the most challenging roles of my acting career but juicy, oh so juicy! Please check out the show-

The Straits Opening Titles-

The Straits Trailer-

ABC’s Current Advertisement-

The show is been promoted on twitter @TheStraitsTV, and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/TheStraitsTV). It would be much appreciated if you could ‘follow’ ‘like’ and ‘share’ these with your family and friends. They’ll be posting clips, photos, music and quotes in the lead up and during transmission. Its ten one hour episodes so there will be plenty happening online. And who knows, by the end of its season I may just have it going on on Facebook and know how to twitter! But for now, I’m very happy to have finally made it back to my website. I wish you all a very Happy New Year and wish you all a remarkable 2012! Stay tuned x

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