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Thank you for visiting my web site. I hope it interests, inspires, and gives you a glimpse of who I am as a person, and an Artist. Enjoy the surf. As we would say in Maori: Nau mai, haere mai... Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Rena Owen

An Artist not only strives to entertain, but also strives to educate, inspire, shed light where there is darkness, touch man’s heart, and to raise consciousness. As an Actor, what ultimately speaks for you on screen, is who you are as a person.

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Inside The Straits

The Straits | ABC1 | Inside The Straits: Starts Thursday 2 February, 8.30pm

The Straits: The Crimes and Businesses of the Montebello Family

The Straits | ABC1 | The Crimes and Businesses of the Montebello Family | From Thurs, Feb 2, 8.30pm

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The Straits | ABC1 | From Thurs, Feb 2, 8.30pm

Filming: Big screen will make mau rakau cool

Expect an upsurge of interest in the Maori martial arts when a new action epic hits theatres around the world.

Actors including Boy star James Rolleston, Lawrence Makoare and Rena Owen are out at Piha this week filming The Dead Lands under the direction of Toa Fraser.

Co-producer Tainui Stephens says the historic revenge tale is the first completely Maori language film since The Maori Romeo and Juliet, and the action sequences rely heavily on how mau rakau will look on the big screen.

"We did a dress rehearsal of one of our main fights and showed it to some tamariki and they were thrilled. All they wanted to do was go and grab a broomstick and start doing all of that stuff themselves, which in a sense was exactly what we want. Many years ago when Mai FM started the ‘cool to korero’ kaupapa, it has taken off big time, and for young people, it is important for the kaupapa to be cool. So we want mau taiaha and the Maori martial arts to be cool to our young people," he says.

Mr Stephens says The Dark Lands project has come together quickly because of its broad appeal, with overseas funders and distributors keen to participate.

Award Nomination: Rena at the Australian Academy of Cinema & Television Arts

Rena is now in Sydney to attend the Australian Academy of Cinema & Television Arts (AACTA) to be held at the Sydney Opera House January 31st. She has been nominated for Best Guest Star or Supporting Actress in a Television Drama for her work on East West 101 Season 3 in 2010. Two days later her new explosive ABC TV Series goes to air! You can follow the show on-

Twitter @TheStraitsTV

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Rena Owen follows her heart home
by Donna Fleming , New Zealand Woman's Weekly, December 7, 2011

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