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27 Aug 2014, Posted by in Blog

AUGUST 2014 will forever be known as the month of my transition into the techno era of SOCIAL MEDIA! Not easy when it comes to someone like me who has zero to minimal techno skills. Old fashion, I am! But I’m slowly learning. Thanks to the generosity and kindness of my friends; MARTHA SAMASONI & RAYNA MADERO, I now have a professional Face Book page under RENA OWEN, and a twitter page under, TEAMRENAOWEN. Please check out both! Whilst here, thanks to ARMANDO MADERO my website has been revamped and is now in WordPress which means I’ll be able to post updates and new photos on a more regular basis! And God knows, there has been a lot going on this year! But before I get into new photos and projects, this is my SHOUT OUT to my above friends; THANK YOU I could not have made this transition without you! I also want to acknowledge and thank my old buddy; STEIN CARLSEN who helped me to set up this website in the late 1990s, and then my buddy; STEPHEN HAMILTON who revamped  it and was an awesome, kind, and generous Web Master! THANK YOU FRIENDS!!

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